Serena Gilley


Kissed by the Wave, Book 1

Aliya is a mermaid with a passion for a human. This is totally forbidden! As desire burns between them, how can they make their wildest fantasies real? In this magical realm, the answer lies in a handful of fairy dust. Or is that fairy LUST?

By the Magic of Starlight, Book 2 (novella)

Raea and Kyne are two fairies with one insatiable hunger. Carnal desire is forbidden to them, yet beneath a veil of moonlight and mist they give in. Now their passion threatens to destroy the whole realm!

Licked by the Flame, Book 3

Lianne McGowan has crossed into the Forbidden Realm. Studying an Icelandic volcano, she discovers an even more dangerous heat in the smoldering arms of Nicolai Vladik. He's not just a fiery lover, he's a raging, shape-shifting dragon and the whole world is at stake!

By the Enchantment of Moonlight, Book 4 (novella)

Fairies Pimma and Swift are sworn to protect their realm. Rampant lust, however, threatens to make them its slave. Is passion really their foe, or will desire become their only salvation?

Seduced by the Soul, Book 5 (Coming Soon)

Nobody told Gwynn she's a succubus. No wonder she can't keep her hands off of men! Except for Dex. He's a formless, bodiless wraith. For Gwynn to have her way with him--and save the world--she'll need to find him a body... the sexier the better!